The Dampkring Classic

'The Dampkring Coffee shop' is well known by many as the most famous coffee shop in Amsterdam and for that matter probably the world!

Dampkring Coffee Shop

Situated in the Spui area very close to Amsterdam's other major tourist attraction- 'The Flower Market' the Dampkring is a must visit for most smokers that come to the city. 

Coffe Shop Opening times
Sunday - Thursday: 10 AM - 1 AM
Friday & Saturday: 10 AM - 2 AM

Address and contact
Dampkring Coffee Shop
Handboogstraat 29
1012 XM
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)6380705

It's this extraordinary d├ęcor that makes Dampkring coffee shop stand out from the crowd, and it was standing out that caught the attention of the Hollywood producers that used the Coffeeshop to shoot scenes from the well known 'Ocean's Twelve' movie starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney. During the days of shooting the film Dampkring Coffeeshop was a buzz with celebrities and fans desperate to get a photo or at least a glimse of their favourite actors. 

The Dampkring opened its doors in 1993. This cafe is a lot bigger than De Tweede Kamer, but the philosophy is the same, something the regular customers know end appreciate very much. Tourists also know the Dampkring and they enjoy the beautiful interior and the extensive weed end hashish menu very much.

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De Dampkring.

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